South West Marketing is the specialist for Internet Marketing Services and advice in Plymouth & surrounding areas and welcomes new clients throughout the UK and Devon.

The service you provide is second to none. You provide a prompt, personal and professional approach at all times. We’d like to thank you for everything you’ve done for us, you’ve transformed the business and we certainly couldn’t have achieved it without you.

Anne & Paul
Wigan & Bolton

I have been using Sarah to improve my natural listings to help reduce costs on Google Adwords and the results are great! I market online in the UK, Ireland and the USA and Sarah has given me new confidence in trusting SEO consultants again!

Carla Daly

Sarah my business really started when you took over. Not just the advert clicks but being up there on Google generally. Will gladly put my name to your services! Thanks for everything!

Al Southgate
West Suffolk

I would like to thank you for all your hard work, within 3 months you had me at the top of the listings and have increased my work load by 100% I have no hesitation in recommending you to others. It is nice doing business with you.

Richard Walters

It’s so nice to know you always have your finger on the pulse! Great Job!

The Mole Hole

Since having my Google advertising managed by Sarah Stocks of South West Marketing my business has grown to the extent that I have managed to employ my wife and son into the business. Sarah is proactive with the marketing and management of my account which due to the size of area I cover is massive! I rely on Sarah’s observations of activity in my area to control the funding of specific sub accounts within my advertising which varies throughout the year with the changing pests that the seasons bring. Sarah is always willing to try new ideas and monitor them to give me an indication of what works in various areas and decide with her records as to their viability, and giving my account a personal touch which I had not had before.

Keith Perks

We have been dealing with Sarah from Southwest Marketing for just over a year. Sarah has helped us immensely to get our business up and running; she is always at hand, a pleasure to deal with and is constantly improving her services to gain the maximum results.


Online advertising is very confusing to me. For a very reasonable cost next thing I know our website is up there on Google! Perfect for a new business.

Sandwich Van

I can’t thank you enough for putting in all the hard work on re assessing our marketing strategy, and I am so excited about the prospect of a huge increase in business here. The phone has already increased in rings in just a month

West Sussex

I have used Sarah for over two years for my Google advertising and optimization of my sites. In this time my business has doubled in turnover in a very difficult economic environment with my annual advertising bill almost halving as I am now a solely Google based business

Somerset & Bristol

“The only real way to measure advertising success is through the amount of work requests received. This year, after joining Southwest Marketing, we have seen a huge increase in the number of wasp jobs received, proving that the process advocated by Sarah really does work. We have found her very quick to respond to us, always helpful and very knowledgeable. These days, if she suggests it, we do it. Top service. Thanks!”


It is now a year since I started to use your services and I thought it was time that I wrote to thank you for the service you have provided over this time. As you know at the time I engaged you I was struggling to gain enquiries from the internet. I can only say following your input, the enquiries I have received have increased at an unbelievable rate. I would also like to thank you for the prompt response to any enquiries I have made and for being there to provide what I can only describe as excellent advice. I also appreciate your patient explanations that have allowed even me to have a better understanding of the technical aspects of the service you provide. I look forward to a continued business relationship and have no doubts my business will continue to grow as fast in the second year as it has in the first. Thanks again & Kind regards.

Ian Cowley

My workload has increased by 50 per cent since you have been running the site. Thanks!


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