Identify Keywords

Intensive keyword research and analysis is performed for your business, showing us the highest volume and current competition for keywords in your marketplace.

Paid or Natural Search?

Below is a simple guide to the current main 3 types of search results you see on Google when you perform a search:

Google AdWords Tour

1.) Paid Search or PPC (Pay Per Click) – Google AdWords System

Results 1 are paid for adverts and run on a bidding system, quality score and various other criteria for positions in the search results.

Normally these results appear in the top LEFT corner (1-3 results) and then follow down the right hand side of the page. If a person clicks on one of these listings, the business pays for the cost of that click. Click costs varies significantly due to competition, account settings and marketing strategy.

A majority of “BIG CLAIMS TO BE NUMBER ONE IN ONE WEEK” are related to paying for your website to appear at the top of Google in paid results. We have noted dozens of “sales pitches” with misleading and confusing claims. Anyone can set up a Google AdWords account for free, but it is the experience in setting up an account and managing consistently that makes running Google AdWords accounts cost effective.

This is Southwest Marketing’s specialty service. We have over 16 years of experience in PPC and Search Marketing. We have been providing set up and management services since the birth of Google AdWords.

Paid search is a fast and reliable way to get your website in front of your target audience at a budget that suits you.

Your advert is shown in the results each time a search is performed for one of your many keywords in your account and is called an “impression”. When your advert is clicked on the searcher is taken directly through to your website and that is called a “click”. You only pay for the price of the click – hence Pay Per Click advertising.

You may have text adverts, mobile phone adverts, image adverts and more and they can be shown on chosen days, times, locations and more. All options will be discussed according to your unique needs.

2.) Google PLACES / My Business / Maps

Results in section 2 are Google’s free local business listings, now referred to as “Google Places” and is FREE to set up. However having your listing appear here is never guaranteed as it is at Google discretion when websites appear here. Google sometimes does not list “Places” and other times can list over 8 “Places”.

3.) Google Natural or Organic Results

Results “3” are natural or organic listings and you cannot pay for a position here. Google analyses your website based on a number of criteria that includes a good clean site structure, unique & relevant content and natural links from other high-quality relevant websites to your site.

Our strategy is as follows:

  1. Optimisation of Website – In order to appear higher in the natural results we optimise your website which is explained below. This will assure us of a good clean website keyword strategy, so Google knows exactly what each of your web pages is about.
  2. Content Management – We can set up a blog or news feed section on your website, where you can write regular unique content or we offer a paid monthly management service through our copywriting services.
  3. Social Media Profile – It is important that you begin to utilise the benefits of social media. Facebook, Google+ Plus, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and many more.  We can provide a one time set up service or monthly management service.

4.) Links

Finally, we advise on how to build an inbound link programme to help your website acquire relevant, safe and natural links which is a Vote of Confidence for the search engines. Generally, over time the more HIGH QUALITY, Trusted and relevant links your website has the higher up the search engines you will appear.

Website Optimisation

Implementing website amendments to help your website naturally position higher in the search engines. This can include simple copy suggestions, site structure amendments, additional pages, code cleaning and more.

Traditionally most websites are functioning well and need very little amending. Our goal is to make your website easy for Search Engines to read as they visit your site and want to quickly read and store the information provided which can include your keyword strategy. In-turn it makes it easier for Search Engines to produce your website in the listings due to the fact we have told them exactly what your website is about.

Analytics & Tracking

Can you measure your marketing? If not, now you can. We can advise you of the different ways to track most advertising including paper-based adverts like newspapers and online visitors too. We highly recommend adding Google Analytics to your website which will allow us to see how visitors behave on your website. This can be an essential tool to making cost-effective internet marketing decisions.

We have provided a brief synopsis above of the mains services we offer with complete transparency to help businesses learn the current criteria to appear on Google.

Please call us on 01752 863 400 or use the simple ask a question feature for more information or advice.